If it was my last day on earth and someone asked me for any words of advice I might say nothing at all.  I would suggest to live your last day in silence and soak up true nature and the softness of people's smiles when they are quiet.  Lay in long grass and smell the earth under your body.  Feel the wind through your face and all the sweet smells that follow it.  Watch the sun sparkle through the people you love and watch for the twinkling light.  Let us speak to one another in just being.  Let us sing.  Let us breathe.  Let us love.  Let us be.  Feel that. Feel the twinkling light and stop to feel the sun on your face.  You are loved.  We are silent together and although there are no words we all speak the truth.  Feel that. Feel that. Feel that.  I feel everything. You are grace that fills my heart.

- Nikki Leigh McKean

May 8th 2017 | Kashi Ashram, Florida | Day2 Silent Retreat

The 'Feel That' Website was inspired after my iRest Level 1 Training in Bahamas in February 2017 with Molly Birkholm.