Creator of the 'Let's Radiate' Project |  Nikki Leigh McKean

Creator of the 'Let's Radiate' Project | Nikki Leigh McKean


'Let's Radiate' Project
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‘Let’s Radiate Kit Includes: 1 Card Deck : 30 Cards (16 Daily Activities, 16 Inspirational Quotes + 7 Bonus Cards, Instruction Card), 1 Journal, 5 'Feel That' Activity Postcards, Pen

16-Day Mindfulness Project | Bringing light and love to personal healing.

The 'Let's Radiate' Project is a creative mindfulness project that was born out of a dreadful disease and difficult treatment process.  Imagine turning your worst enemy into one of the most magical experiences of your life.  This is my intention.  16 Daily Activities, 16 Daily Inspirational Quotes and if you're feeling frisky... Bonus Cards to send even more light and love everyone's way.

By following along, sharing and tagging me in your 16-day 'Let's Radiate' journey you bring light and love to my own personal healing.  Help me heal by radiating your love on yourself and others.

Feel that.



Each day for sixteen days draw 1 yellow activity card and 1 blue inspirational card.  Draw a bonus purple card when you have time or feel like a little extra love. Over the sixteen days you will do different daily activities and share them (RADIATE!) with the community. 

Yellow Cards:  Draw a daily project.

Blue Cards: Draw a daily inspiration.

Purple Cards:  Bonus daily projects!  Play whenever you are feeling inspired to send more light and love to yourself and others.




On Social Media please radiate by tagging the below:



Plus anyone else you would like to share your light and love with! 

The more we ‘Radiate’ the better!!!

#letsradiate  #iamfeelthat  #feelthat  #cancerhealing  #breastcancer  #cervicalcancer 


" The forms of play in Let’s Radiate are about more than enjoyment and entertainment. To play with practices of radiating love and light for oneself and others is about grappling with existence in its complexities. Nikki has animated worldly sets of relating that begin with feeling in its rawest sense – not for anyone or toward any prefigured end. This is playing with the very substance of being – a critical and radial act for people living with diseases like cancer, who are often forced to focus on preserving their life, not playing with it." - MISC magazine